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RisoLAB Revival: Summer 2021


After a long year, the RisoLAB team is thrilled to announce that we will reopen to the public for Lab Access on July 6th! Students who have previously completed in-person Continuing Education or Undergraduate courses or Graduate training workshops are eligible to sign up for access to the RisoLAB, including unlimited prints and masters and up to six hours of print time per week. COVID safety protocols will be in place, and capacity will be limited to five students in the RisoLAB at a time.

In-person, full semester Continuing Education and Undergraduate courses will be offered in the Fall semester. We will continue to offer our online RisoLAB Remote Series courses this summer, including our Design, Zine, and Mini Comics sections taught by Panayiotis Terzis and Wren McDonald.

Students who completed one of our online courses over the past year are eligible to sign up for a separate, follow up two day Boot Camp training course, which will cover all of the technical aspects of operating a Risograph Duplicator. This course includes six weeks of access to the RisoLAB, which can be applied to our six week summer semester, or a pre-scheduled six week section in an upcoming semester.

For more information about our summer classes and workshops as well as courses offered by the Visual Narrative program at SVA, you’re welcome to check out our recording of last week’s Visual Narrative Continuing Education Info Session below, or reach out to RisoLAB co-founder, manager and faculty member Panayiotis Terzis at

We look forward to seeing our long-standing RisoLAB community members and meeting students from our online courses in the near future!




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