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Printing the Future: The Riso Revolution

Printing the Future: The Riso Revolution
November 17th-December 22nd, 2022
32 Cooper Sq.
New York, NY

The SVA RisoLAB is thrilled to participate in Printing the Future: The Riso Revolution, a wide ranging Riso-focused gallery exhibition at dieFirma in NYC curated by RisoLAB co-founder, manager, and faculty member Panayiotis Terzis in collaboration with Book Dummy Press.

Current and former RisoLAB faculty, staff, and Artists-in-Residence are prominently featured in this exhibition, which includes works by Wren McDonald, Aidan Fitzgerald, Paul John, Andrew Alexander, Sarula Bao, Greg Foley, Ivy Zheyu Chen, Pixy Liao, Heesang Lee, and Panayiotis Terzis.

Scroll down to read the full press release and view images of the exhibition including the packed opening on November 17th and panel discussion on November 19th as well as selections from over 300 Riso-printed works on view at the show.


The exhibition features work by more than 250 artists showcasing various book and print objects from across the globe. Also on exhibit will be a collection of limited-edition prints made exclusively for this event, all using the Riso printing process.Printing the Future conveys the explosive nature of this trend with works that are both open and limited-edition prints, as well as zines, books, and installations. The exhibition, located in the basement space of 32 Cooper Square with over 100 works, creates an immersive experience showcasing the many ways in which the Riso process is used by makers.

The death of print has been predicted for more than half a century, but the artists in this exhibition are proving that print media and Riso methods are not only thriving but are revolutionizing visual culture. The impact of this environmentally friendly medium – using rice-based inks and customizable small-batch print runs – can be seen in art book fairs, zine fests, and comic book events worldwide. The hands-on process involves color mixing and produces a vibrant and retro look that has inspired makers from a wide range of mediums to use in collaborations with everything from luxury brands to fine art, graphic design and digital animations.

The Risograph Duplicator was created in the 1980s in Japan, where it was marketed to churches, schools, and restaurants as a fast and affordable alternative to traditional copy technology. Soon, this flexible and adaptable workhorse attracted artists with its capacity to control color layers and positioning. In expanding their art, this network of creatives has pushed the limits of what the Risograph can do and made it a global phenomenon that is transforming both print and digital visual media. During the exhibition, we will be conducting a talk event and workshop. In addition, on display are rare archival items documenting the development of the Risograph by Riso Kagaku Corp.

dieFirma’s exhibition captures this wave of dynamic Riso print work created by some of the most innovative artists and publishers working today.


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