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Purple grids with dark red pattern overlaid on top.

New Yorker cover printed at the RisoLAB

Cover of New Yorker magazine, large cartoon sneakers worn by a girl wearing green pants against a green background.

The New Yorker recently commissioned Sarula Bao, illustrator and RisoLAB technician to create a piece for the Spring Fashion issue of the magazine! The piece, entitled “Fresh Kicks”, was printed at the RisoLAB using our MF 9450U with System 2 colors. After testing different color combinations, Sarula printed the final version and scanned the print, sending a high resolution file to the New Yorker’s design staff. The piece was then printed using high volume offset printing, as was the rest of the magazine.

You can find an interview with Sarula Bao here, where she discusses her work, the Riso process, and her interest in art and fashion.


Watch this video where Sarula discusses the process that went into designing and printing the world’s first Riso-print based New Yorker cover design! Partially shot in the RisoLAB, this video captures a historic moment for the visibility of Risograph printing as awareness of the Riso process continues to burst into mainstream visual culture.




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