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Riso Circles Exhibition at SFSU

In the fall of 2019, the RisoLAB was invited by San Francisco State University student Maxwell Lohr and SFSU Faculty member Christensen to contribute Riso printed zines, books, editions, and ephemera to an exhibition on campus documenting and explaining the Risograph printing phenomenon. Riso Circles was a collaborative exhibition that sought to “explore risograph printing as a method of community making through the vibrant circulation of designed objects and generous sharing of resources, print techniques and specialized knowledge.” The exhibition was on view at the Design Space in the Fine Arts Building at SFSU with an opening reception on November 7th of 2019. Below are some images from the opening, featuring a variety of work printed at the RisoLAB by students, faculty, and artists-in-residence, displayed alongside work by independent Risograph presses from around the world.


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